It is estimated that Indian language internet users will account for nearly 75% of India’s internet user base by 2021. The sheer size of India’s internet user base points to a digital revolution in the making. To support this growth in regional language internet users, localisation will be a key part to fan India’s digital revolution. However the primary challenge, still remains in reaching out to a population which is largely multi-lingual.

To address this pressing need for making online information and content available to an increasing number of Indians,FICCI in association with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, launched the ‘FICCI-Indian Language Internet Alliance (FICCI-ILIA).

The objective of the alliance is to boost internet penetration in the country by enabling greater access of regional language content on the internet and to bridge the knowledge divide by propelling the next phase of growth for content generators, content enablers, advertisers and other stakeholders of the Indic ecosystem.

  • FICCI-ILIA aims at bringing together different stakeholders who can both contribute and benefit from the accelerated growth in multilingual web content. The pledge is to bring together different stakeholders on a common platform to connect, collaborate and create a robust Indic language ecosystem that is committed to overcoming challenges and innovating solutions to reach out to the Indian Netizens both nationally and internationally.

    FICCI-ILIA provides a forum to bring together leaders of the language and technology industry for:

    1. Serve as a networking forum between the industry and other public & private sector partners
    2. Raise the visibility of the industry
    3. Become the essential industry representative
    1. Create positive public awareness of overall language industry
    2. Advocate effectively on public policy issues critical to FICCI-ILIA members
    3. Promote an environment conducive to competition in the global marketplace
    Thought Leadership
    1. Promote innovation and R&D in input, access and discoverability of Indic languages
    2. Set benchmarks for Indic language and language processing industry
    3. Facilitating a unified ecosystem of diverse players to overcome common challenges and create mutual value

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    • To achieve the role of an industry forum, which will act as the intermediary between various stakeholders of the sector
    • To spread awareness about the commercial and social benefits of a multilingual internet
    • To promote and develop research capabilities in language computing
    • To advocate effectively on public policy issues critical to multilingual internet ecosystem
    • To be the nodal agency to promote, develop and execute capacity building initiatives for the language industry.


Making the internet relevant to the multilingual Indian community leading to greater ease of access to technologies, content and better connectivity to a larger community base.


To work with multiple stakeholders across the Indian language and technology industry to develop a common forum that will facilitate innovation, networking, policy advocacy and thought leadership to foster Indic Publishing.

Why should you be a part of FICCI-ILIA?

FICCI-ILIA recognizes that the future of our country as a knowledge society and the future of the Local Language Technology industry are inextricably tied and supports the important role our industry plays as a:


Nation Builder

FICCI-ILIA’s foremost objective is to support, enhance and sustain our country’s ability to function as a multilingual country.


Community Enabler

FICCI-ILIA is dedicated towards championing the cause of the Local Languages Technology Industry, and make the collective voices of the stakeholders and all other relevant members be heard through advocacy, policy standardization and knowledge sharing.

Economic Growth

Economic Growth Driver

FICCI-ILIA is committed to act as a platform to support and guide research and technological innovations in the industry and help to develop professional skills in all areas of the industry.

FICCI-ILIA helps India’s language industry to be a strong competitor through its work in advocacy, networking and knowledge sharing across all sectors of the industry. As a member of the alliance, you will be part of a movement that will pave the way for the next generation digital transformation of India.

  • Benefit for Members

    Benefits for Members

    The best in industry networking

    Build professional partnerships across India and internationally through networking opportunities with industry professionals within the ILIA community.

    Visibility for you and your company

    Be recognized for the thought leadership of members and share the same at industry events or through contributing to publications.

    Be in the know, have the tools to grow

    Gain access to up-to-date industry research, industry reports that will boost the quality and productivity of members’ business by getting hands-on experience with the latest technology.

    Contribute to a stronger industry

    Contribute to industry best practices, helping to shape the future language industry of India.

    Make your voice heard

    Build relationships with peers in the industry


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Jan 18, 2018 | Delhi
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