• FICCI-ILIA & StoryMirror Schools Writing Competition 2019

    The internet has long been a playground for the English speaking population of the country. Since the early 1990s the technology that has been developed was to cater to these creamy-layered English speaking population. But with the advent of lower data costs and faster penetration of mobile phones, the demand of Indian Language digital content has increased. Today Indian language content is amongst the highest grossing on social media websites. But even with these advances we increasingly find children these days losing the touch with their mother tongue on digital fronts. Less than 1% of the total content available online, is available in Indian languages. Making us depend on English content for information . To resolve this problem, StoryMirror in association with FICCI & FICCI - ILIA presents Schools Writing Competition. The competition is aimed to rejuvenate the creative energy of students and help them incline towards writing & Indic literature. FICCI-ILIA - StoryMirror Schools Writing Competition 2019 will be launched by FICCI during the Bhashantara sympoium on 18th November 2019.

    Participants have to submit their entries online on the link: https://contest.storymirror.com/sswc2019

    Participant Categories:

    • Class 4 to Class 7
    • Class 8 to Class 12
    • Teachers

    Contest Categories:

    • Story
    • Poetry
    • Quote

    Content can be submitted in any one or more of these languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia & Bangla.

    The competition timelines will be as below:

    • Submission phase: 18 november 2019 - 20 January 2020
    • Voting phase: 1 February 2020 - 29 February 2020
    • Results: March 2020.

    The terms and conditions of StoryMirror Schools Writing Competition 2019 (SSWC 2019) are:

    • The contest is open to all students currently studying in class 4 to class 12 and all Teachers in any school in India.
    • Participants need to submit stories, poems or quotes that are their original works. Articles, essays, etc. are not allowed.
    • There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted. Participants can submit as many of their creations (i.e, stories, poems, quotes or all)
    • The Participant is requested to not submit / post any spam, foul, indecent, threatening, discriminatory, vulgar and/or any such entry which is against public morality, as the same may lead to disqualification. Such decision of disqualification shall be at the sole discretion of StoryMirror.
    • The content of all entries submitted is at the sole liability of each Participant. By submitting entries, each Participant(s) represents and assures that all entries are their original works and no copyright, trademark and/or any other intellectual property rights have been infringed / violated.
    • The participants of the competition will not claim copyright and/or ownership of any kind on the content they have submitted. All the data, data sets, and competition output data will be posted on the FICCI-ILIA website for community use and development.
    • Each Participant will be awarded a participation certificate by StoryMirror & FICCI-ILIA.
    • In case of any dispute or difference in respect of the Contest, the decision of FICCI-ILIA & StroryMirror shall be final and binding.
    • The winners of the competition across participation languages and content categories will be eligible for special prizes as mentioned on:

    For feedback and queries:

    • Email: sswc@storymirror.com, ficci.ilia@ficci.com
    • Phone number: 022-49243888 / 022-49240082 (Monday to Friday and on 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday) from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM.
    • WhatsApp: +91-9372458287
    • Dona (+91-23487217)

    Link: https://contest.storymirror.com/sswc2019

२२ भाषाएं, १ राष्ट्र | ২২ টি ভাষা, ১ টি দেশ | உஉ மொழிகள், க தேசம் | ౨౨ భాషలు, ౧ జాతి | २२ भाषा, १ देश | ൨൨ ഭാഷകള്‍, ൧ രാഷ്ട്രം. | ૨૨ ભાષાઓ, ૧ રાષ્ટ્ર | ೨೨ ಭಾಷೆಗಳು, ೧ ರಾಷ್ಠ್ರ.